Adoption update

November 2nd was Orphan Sunday. My church prayed orphans everywhere and locally. I love our corporate prayer. Nothing is off the table. Which is a great image…we can go to God with anything! We are so weak and little, but we can go to the Creator who can change and move all things. So why not take all things to Him.

As we prayed my husband got quiet with emotion. Which is always so. He coordinates his emotion to the appropriate times. Mine is saved for the irrational moments in life, which come all too often.

Orphan Sunday was timed so perfectly by our perfectly timing God. You see, I had forgotten to encourage our family to persevere in what we feel has been laid upon our hearts. I rested in our business and my personal fears n’ doubts.

Even more than admitting I have fears and doubts, I admit I haven’t gone before the Lord with them. I just sit and let them push in me further taking it all as a sign of not now. How ridiculous. I need to confess to my husband and move forward. I mean maybe now is not the time, but I do not believe scripture teaches that I am the one to make those calls. My husband directs our family. He hears my input and considers it greatly, but he is to make that call…not my fears and doubts. Many a godly man was stopped by fear, but still moved to go forward. Let’s give a shout out to Moses, Abraham, and Jonah!

Move girl! Onward Christian!

PS…you don’t hear from me in a few weeks let’s just hope I didn’t end up in the belly of a fish


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