I have been married for 6 years. Every year I have taken a different approach to Halloween. Not sure of my convictions and not really sure of my footing in where I can fit. Seriously. I have turned the light off. I have handed out candy and that’s it. I have handed out candy with Christian stickers on them. I have printed off bible verses and taped them to candy. I have worked Harvest Carnivals. Let me tell you…I have triiiiied.

Last year my husband passed along the best article. It has helped shape my view of not only Halloween, but much of my approach to my neighborhood in general. And really what a teaching moment to my kids!

Here is a link to the sweet article and let’s say for the sake of trick or treat…pun intended!


If you don’t have time/can’t/whatever reason follow the link then here are my favorite quotes:

One night does not a neighbor make (and one night does not a pagan make), but Halloween is the one night of the year where the good neighborliness that flows from being in Christ is communicated and reinforced. We are citizens of another Kingdom where The Light is always on.

The truth is that I have several convictions regarding Halloween. I despise the pagan aspects of it. I am convicted that my children should not dress as little devils or ghosts or monsters. But I am also convicted that there could be no worse witness to the neighbours than having a dark house, especially in a neighbourhood like ours which is small and where every person and every home is highly-visible. We know that, if we choose not to participate, the neighbors will notice and will smile knowingly, supposing that we feel too good to participate.

. . . Our door will be open and the light will be on. And we trust that the Light will shine brightly.

All said and done we choose to leave our light on.

This year we threw a party. I was stoked. I wanted to live out this article, but more I wanted to live out Christ. So ,when neighbors came to our door we introduced ourselves and invited them in. When we took our kids to a few doors we introduced ourselves to them. And may I say, I was mighty surprised by the response. Our neighbors seemed just as excited to meet us! They smiled, shook our hands, introduced their kids, and made small talk. You see without keeping our light on and being available we never would have met them!

Who knows when I will see them again, perhaps when I trek around with my holiday cookies! or perhaps on a Saturday morning walk <–very popular in our hood!

But either way we achieved our goal…to meet the neighbors, love on their kids, and be a bright light shining in a dark world.

I pray this be a tradition and teaching moment for my children in the coming years. I pray we continue to be a light to our neighbors, that we don’t become absorbed by the worldliness of the holiday, that the opportunities we have to meet neighbors turns into relationships for the glory of God alone.

We are a peculiar people aren’t we 🙂


Credit where credit is due…

The inspiration for these wings began at Buggy and Buddy 🙂



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