Making your own Advent Calendar…

To make your own advent calendar you will have to be a little creative and have a little time to spare. But, don’t be intimidated. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you need.

The memories will be with your kiddos for a long time and the witness you will make is eternal.

I don’t have step by step pictures or precise measurements. You decide what your family can handle and what you need to do to make it special for you guys.

advent calendar

Here is a general list of what you will need:

-A story! Make your own or follow one

-Burlap, canvas, or any sturdy fabric for the back ground…and I suppose if you wanted you could make it on one of those 2 fold science fair project boards if you don’t want to hang it

-Figurines, this is the creative part. Make your own, buy them, hunt them all down prior to starting, it will help you determine the size of fabric you need

-Hot glue gun, with extra glue!

-Felt, this is if you choose to use it to label the dates and separate the pieces in the calendar portion

-Sharpie, this is if you choose to write the dates on felt then glue them on…but really sharpies come in handy and it wouldn’t be bad to have one on hand!

-a rod, you could get a rod from Hobby Lobby, I happened to have an unused curtain rod that worked great


You need to print off the story and decide how many of what figurines.

Here is my Advent Story you can download and print off.

Here is the link to Noel Piper’s Story


Decide where you are going to get your figurines.

I got mine at Casey’s Wood Products…because no mama I know has time to hunt down all these figurines

They have peg people and wood nativity people. They, also, have animals and the like. The only thing I couldn’t find was a manger substitute. I just went to Hobby Lobby and got a little cardboard box.

Decorate the pieces with whatever medium you like. I chose acrylic paint and puff paint. Next year I may use pipe cleaners for the shepherds staff.


You need to get the fabric you are going to put all this on. You need to choose a sturdy fabric of some kind. I am sure a decorator’s fabric or canvas would work great. I don’t have specific measurements because you may choose a different story with different figurines. I would say get 2 yards at the most. Burlap is relatively cheap and you can always use the left overs to decorate.


Decide how you plan to lay everything out. How you plan to define the dates meaning how do you plan to separate the pieces so the children will clearly know what comes next. Where the pieces will go in the above nativity portion. Don’t forget to allow some room for folding over to hang on a rod.

I decided to cut felt in strips and hot glue it onto my burlap. You could use sharpie and draw the lines on canvas…which would be a huge time saver to my method. I would have done this but didn’t think of it until I was completely done.


Hot glue velcro onto the date squares and onto the spots of the nativity portion. I got my velcro in a long strip in the sewing section of Hobby Lobby. Much cheaper than buying those individually cut pieces that have the sticky side.


Almost done! Label the date squares and nativity portion. I chose to cut out tiny squares of tan felt and write the dates on them. I then just hot  glued them to their appropriate spot. You could do this or get those iron on numbers. Whatever your choice. I went the less expensive route.


If you have not already prep your calendar for hanging! Fold back the top portion and glue it to the back. Leaving some room for a rod of some form.

Once it is dry, slide the rod in, and use ribbon to hang.

(Note…my calendar was so big we didn’t end up hanging it. We draped it over the banister by our stairs)


Stand back and thank the Lord that you finished!

Happy Creating!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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