A new year, a new session, a renewed joy

My husband and I help our church by facilitating our children’s Sunday school program.

At my church we do not have large numbers. Our children’s program has maybe 6 kids…total. Not per age group. We have nothing fancy to sign them in. I think half the time the kids run out before we can say let us walk you to your parents. I now wonder if the excitement to leave is due to…hmmm.

Either way this new year has an abundance of new opportunity that awaits!

We have chosen new curriculum and I could not be more excited about it.

Children Desiring God will be the program we go with. They offer an abundance of resource in a friendly format. The children will work in a workbook that builds each week. At the end of the unit they will have the prized possession of their knowledge bound together in a spiral book. What greatness!

God-centered resources for training the next generation.

No crafts to throw away. Although we do love some crafts.

Nothing to print off and be lost. Although…actually we really don’t like printing off.

I have learned that a Sunday school program with 6 kids is just as important as one with 50. I hope this new curriculum arouses a new excitement in our body of believers and our little ones going there.

I know we don’t have a lot of kids, but our strength will rely in our faith. SO in that faith we will labor.




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